February 2, 2007

Software Planner is 2007 Jolt Awards Finalist – PR-0068
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Pragmatic Software Company (http://www.pragmaticsw.com) announced that its flagship product, Software Planner Professional (http://www.SoftwarePlanner.com), is among the top 5 finalists in the coveted 2007 Jolt Awards for the Best Bug and Defect Tracking Tool category.   The Jolt Product Excellence Awards (http://www.joltawards.com) recognize the most innovative software products, books and websites that software engineers recognize as state-of-the-art.

Directed by CMP Media, the Jolt Product Excellence Awards has become the "Oscars" of the Information Technology industry, illustrating best-of-breed products that "jolt" the industry with their significance.  Each product nominated for the Jolt award is evaluated by a team of Jolt Judges that are recognized in the industry as forward-looking gurus who provide insight into the latest most promising industry trends.   Jolt Judges honor universally useful products that are simple-yet full featured and those that redefine their product space or solve a nagging problem that has consistently eluded other products.  Jolt finalists were announced on January 15, 2007, the winners of each category will be announced on March 21, 2006 at the 2007 SD West Conference.

“We are ecstatic about becoming a Jolt Awards finalist", says Steve Miller, President/CEO of Pragmatic Software.  "Being recognized by a group of prominent Jolt Judges that are recognized as industry gurus is especially satisfying. In the past 3 months, Software Planner won top honors in the 2006 Testers Choice Award and been honored as a finalist in the Codie Awards and now the Jolt Awards.  This is a testament to the robustness, flexibility and adaptability of Software Planner, adds Miller."

About Software Planner
According to Pragmatic Software, Software Planner is available in 3 versions:

  • Standard ASP Version - Hosted by Pragmatic Software, the Standard edition provides full life cycle management, including requirements, test case and defect management.  It also includes collaboration, with calendar management, document sharing and discussion forums.  This version is available for $35 per concurrent user per month.
  • Professional ASP Version - Hosted by Pragmatic Software, the Professional edition has all of the features of the Standard ASP Version, and additionally provides Microsoft Project® style advanced project management, configurable dashboards, Microsoft Outlook® Synchronization and other Enterprise type features.  This version is available for $65 per concurrent user per month.
  • Enterprise Version - Hosted by the client, the Enterprise edition contains all features of the Professional edition. It also has a control panel that allows branding of the product and full integration with Crystal Reports® and Data Dynamic's® DynamiCube (a pivot table reporting solution).  This version is available for $ 1,600 per concurrent user (one-time fee).

About Pragmatic Software
Founded in 1992, Pragmatic Software Company, Inc. based in Denver, Colorado is a software development company that provides web-based project management and team collaboration software to over 60,000 subscribers in over 24 countries.  For more information on Pragmatic Software, go to http://www.PragmaticSW.com or contact Michael Fischer at 303-768-7480.  To see an on-line copy of this press release, navigate to: